Spain drops fee on chartering

Oct 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

Spain legislators have voted to drop the maximum length exemption of 15m for vessels, basically eliminating the matriculation tax for charter yachts. Yachts wishing to begin or end charters in Spanish waters still must need to be granted permission and licensed, however.

“The best news imaginable for any and every yachting business in Barcelona, and beyond,” said Norma Trease, director of Salamanca Group’s Marine Division, which is developing Marina Port Vell in the city. “All of us at Marina Port Vell and Salamanca Group salute the foresight and brave forward movements shown by the Spanish government. Bravo.”

The tax amendment will allow Spain to participate in this market in the same conditions than surrounding countries, according to an online post by Alex Chumillas, director of the yachting division of Tax Marine, a part of Barcelona Tax & Law law firm.

“This is the result of so many peoples’ efforts involved that have been working behind the scenes for many year and definitely will help to activate charter business in Spain,” Chumillas wrote. “It is expected to see the effect of this measure on next year’s 2014 charter season.”

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