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Triton survey on the docks: Do you use Twitter?


As manic as young people are for social media, we were surprised to learn that very few of the crew we talked to on the docks yesterday use Twitter. In the news recently as it prepares to go public with its stock, Twitter is that lickety-split way of communicating with anyone who will listen. Most crew would rather just talk to their friends on Facebook.


2d Eng. Jesse Schloesser

M/Y Abbracci

155-foot Christensen

No. I have no use for it. I’m on Facebook sometimes, but social media is not a benefit to me. Personally, it’s just entertainment. I don’t use it professionally.


Chief Eng. Marc Leger

M/Y Allegria

152-foot Hakvoort

No, I use the phone and call people. Facebook is great to keep in touch with friends and family and also professional colleagues. Twitter is a waste of time.

Chef Cameron Carr

M/Y Iroquois

164-foot Feadship

Hell no. It seems like Pinterest and Facebook would be better for following people. Am I Facebook obsessed? Yes. Everyone on our crew is. But Twitter, no.

Stew Lauren Tarpley

M/Y Iroquois

164-foot Feadship

No. I just don’t know how I would use it. It might be useful if there was a chief stew to follow, like tips on things and where to go get flowers in port.

Deckhand Diane McKellar-Basset

M/Y D’Natalin

151-foot Delta

No. I’m the least techie person you will find. I don’t have a smartphone and I only use Facebook on my laptop.

Chief Stew Lina Palm

M/Y Our Toy

120-foot Feadship

No. We never really got into it. I use Facebook; one is enough. I’m not going to be addicted to another thing.

Stew Monica Yoder

M/Y Bread

137-foot custom

No, I just never caught on to it. I have a Twitter account but I never use it. None of my friends use it so there’s nothing on it.

Capt. Scott Lockwood

M/Y Li-Lien

120-foot Heesen

This is my phone. It doesn’t do e-mail and no text. I’m a dinosaur.

Eng./First Officer Billy Salazar

M/Y Espresso III

142-foot Trinity

I’m one of those that stays off social media. I just never got into it.

Deckhand Bongani Mabena

M/Y Namoh

125-foot Cheoy Lee

Of course I do. I tweet every day to my friends to let them know what’s going on, where I am. Twitter is a different market [from Facebook]. You get to talk to people you don’t even know. I really enjoy my Twitter.

Chef Angie Carosin

M/Y Perseverence II

123-foot Oceanfast

No. I only use Facebook. It’s too much effort to be so social. I prefer face-to-face socialization.

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