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Triton survey on the docks: What’s your favorite onboard snack?


What’s your favorite onboard snack?

Today’s question of the day took a simple, somewhat silly tone. We were curious to learn just what crew nibbled on throughout the day. Was it a favorite childhood snack like fluffernutter? Or something more exotic that the chef dreamed up? Could it simply be the old standby of peanuts or crudite?

When we sit in our office and dream up these questions, we naturally have an idea what crew will say, so we’re always interested to see if the results validate our impressions. (Take yesterday, for example. We bet each other lunch that crew were very active on Twitter. Turns out, they aren’t.)

Today, we thought crew would follow stereotypical preferences for snacks. Women would turn to chocolate, men to potato chips.

Boy, talk about paddling up the wrong river. We were exactly wrong about who went for sweets, who went for salty. All the women we talked to — literally every single one — opted for savory snacks: nuts, chips, meats and cheese.

Most of the men tended to grab something sweet, or at least mostly sweet, including candy bars and fruit salad.

And forget this business about childhood favorites or unique chef-created concoctions. Today’s crew reached for the staples: Snicker’s bars, gummy bears, potato chips, pretzels. Just one crew member mentioned a homeland favorite, South Africa’s biltong.


Mate Sue Aydin

M/Y Trading Places IV

130-foot Westport

Ruffles. I’m not a sweets girl. I go for the salty things.

Bosun Lourens Rossouw

M/Y Odyssey

134-foot Feadship

Twix, or yogurt pretzels. Another crew member got me started on them.

Mate Ben Longworth

M/Y Lionwind

155-foot Feadship

I try not to eat a lot of snacks, but when I do, I lean toward salty.

Stew Lesley Call

M/Y Antonia II

105-foot Azimut

Salami and cheese on crackers.

Chief Eng. Tim Parker-Eaton

S/Y Salute

184-foot Perini Navi

Snicker’s bars. It’s just right with the peanuts. Not too sweet but gives us energy.

2d Stew Ashton Whiteley

M/Y Finish Line

120-foot Trinity

Roast beef roll ups with spinach and mayo. And baby carrots with hummus ….

Chief Stew Kasey Smith

M/Y Finish Line

120-foot Trinity

… or ranch, depending on what mood we’re in.

Mate/Eng. Sebastien Lafaille

M/Y Star Sapphire

117-foot Bilgin

Peanut M&Ms are my favorite.

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