Chefs and interior staff awarded at Concours de Chef

Dec 15, 2013 by Guest Writer

Chefs Ander Pederson on M/Y Altitude, Jacob Luke on M/Y Crowned Eagle and Gisele Lannamann on S/Y Aurelius took top honors in the 14th annual Concours de Chef awards at Antigua Charter Yacht Show last night.

Interior staff Kasia Jankowska of M/Y Teleost (among yachts 160 feet and larger), Hayley Diskin of M/Y Crowned Eagle (among yachts 100-159 feet) and Audrey Harper of M/Y Aleithia (among yachts up to 100 feet) won the organic table decoration contest.

The competition challenged chefs with a plant-based theme — “Haute Cuisine Caribbean Luncheon Challenge” — that included local Caribbean cuisine. The interior staff competed in an organic table decoration contest that included a Duval Leroy Champagne bottle to compliment the luncheon theme.

The complete list of Concours de Chefs winners include, among yachts 160 feet and larger:

First place to Chef Ander Pederson of M/Y Altitude, second place to Chef David Hawkins of M/Y Sealyon, and third to Chef Tammy Ayers of M/Y Marie.

Among yachts 100-159 feet:

First place to Chef Jacob Luke of M/Y Crowned Eagle, second place to Chef Tracey Ireland of M/Y Safuira, and third to Chef Nathaniel Cox of M/Y Lady J.

Among yachts up to 100 feet:

First place to Chef Gisele Lannamann of S/Y Aurelius, second place to Chef Caro Uy of M/Y Skylark, and third to Chef Adrian Martin of M/Y Matau.