Waveblade launches new tool

Dec 3, 2013 by Guest Writer

Florida-based Waveblade has introduced the PowerShark WB3000, a handheld, battery-powered maintenance tool that works up to 20 feet underwater to remove barnacles and growth.

Unlike traditional hull cleaning that depends on friction and the user’s strength, the PowerShark employs a powerful, patented resonant wave technology. The tool’s cleaning head oscillates at 3,000 rpm with additional harmonics, disrupting the chemical bond between materials. PowerShark needs only a light touch to work, the company said in a news release about the product. It won’t damage fiberglass or metal hulls, and is safe for rubber, PVC, conduit, wood and concrete surfaces.

It comes with a 12.8V lithium iron phosphate battery rechargeable battery pack for up to 90 minutes of use and a flat chisel blade as well as standard 3- and 4.5-inch-wide blades.

It retails for $995; extra batteries cost $295 each. For more information, visit www.waveblade.com.