Yachts go green

Dec 30, 2013 by Guest Writer

The Charter Yacht Brokers Association honored three yachts in its Going Green to Save the Blue campaign, which encourages charter yachts to lessen their impact on the environment.

Awards went to Capt. Walter Wetmore of M/Y Safira, a 129-foot Newcastle, Capt. Donald and Audrey Harper on S/Y Aletheia, a 70-foot Fountain Pajot, and Capt. Laurence Ottley and Gaelle Andries of S/Y Ree, 115-foot Valdettaro.

The top yachts were chosen from 75 yachts that qualified for the award.

Awards were also given at other regional shows. Capt. Steve and Deb Schlosser of S/Y Alternative Latitude, a 44-foot Voyage, were honored at the Virgin Island Charter League Fall Yacht Show. Capt. Nick Baxter and Lucy Fletcher of S/Y Best Revenge 5, a Privilege 585, were honored at the British Virgin Islands Charter Yacht show in the fall.

The Champion of the Sea certificate was awarded to Charlotte McDevitt, executive director of Green Technology BVI.

Learn more about CYBA and going Green to Save the Blue.