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Checking the tide: Are you watching the Olympics?


Are you watching the Olympics?

Every bit of media is filled with coverage and stories from the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, so it’s easy to understand how it’s permeated even life onboard during the show. In fact, walking down the docks early Saturday morning, we heard shouts coming from M/Y Amitie as brokers and crew came together to watch the U.S. hockey team beat Russia in the first round of play.

Most of the crew we talked to yesterday, as busy as they are, said they have found time to catch a little of the action. Some said they are just too busy, though, and a few said the television on their yachts isn’t working during the show.

The best story, though, comes from the Filipino crew on M/Y Gravitas whose pride beamed as they talked about their sole Olympian, 17-year-old figure skater Michael Christian Martinez, the first figure skater to represent the Philippines at an Olympic Winter Games.

— Lucy Chabot Reed


Eng. Greg Schuler


123’ Palmer Johnson

Yes, we watched the hockey team beat Russia yesterday. But for a lot of it, we watch at lunchtime and catch the highlights.


Eng. Albert Galychanivsky

M/Y Gravitas

171’ Feadship

I’ve been watching the biathlon. Ukraine got the bronze (in the women’s 7.5km sprint). Hopefully, after tomorrow, we’ll get one more.


Bosun Erjo Junatas

M/Y Gravitas

171’ Feadship

He [Michael Christian Martinez] is the first to qualify in skating. We are so proud of that. He’s a star now in the Philippines.


Deckhand Joel Tanudra

M/Y Gravitas

171’ Feadship

He [Michael Christian Martinez]  making history. He was always practicing in the mall because there’s a skating rink there.


Mate Justin Roberts

M/Y Sherri Lynn

101’ Hargrave

Not really. I’ve been working too much; I’m too tired.


Chief Stew Ashley Cameron


My favorite is the downhill. I grew up in Jackson Hole so going around those turns at 70 mph scares me to death.


Dayworker Kelly Olej

M/Y Northlander

125’ Moonen

We are watching, snowboarding, curling — are you kidding? I’m Canadian — skiing, skating, anything. We’re getting the highlights.


Chef Aaron Hurley

M/Y Lady Janet

157’ Christensen

Some of it. It’s a case of whatever’s been on when you get a break to watch.


Chief Stew Lara O’Regan

M/Y Victoria del Mar

121’ Moonen

No, but we do talk about it a lot. The television isn’t working on the boat.


2d Stew Isla Morton

M/Y Madsummer

147’ Feadship

No. The dome isn’t faced the right way. We’ve been listening to it a little on the radio.

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