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Checking the tide: Coffee or tea?


We’ve all heard about the studies that say caffeine is bad for us, but somehow we just can’t help ourselves. Good coffee and fine leafy tea are too much a part of our culture – onboard and off – for most yacht crew to resist.

The majority of the crew we talked to yesterday noted that yes, they imbibe in the mood-altering beverages, some because they need to, but most because they simply enjoy them.

It was interesting to see that English and South African crew tended to like their tea (caffeinated, of course) while Americans and Kiwis opted for coffee.

A few crew noted that they didn’t need or particularly like caffeine, and it’s worth noting that only one said he drank his tea decaffeinated.

By the way, the latest studies about coffee say it makes us live longer by reducing risks of heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, diabetes and infection. (It’s true; you can look it up.)

— Data compiled by Lucy Chabot Reed


First Mate Nick Sheard

M/Y Zeepaard

123-foot JFA France

Coffee, for sure. The stronger the better, but I try to avoid energy drinks.

First Mate Andy Hughes

M/Y Endless Summer

126-foot Lloyd’s Ship

Coffee, with caffeine. What’s the point otherwise?

Eric Bishop, dayworking

M/Y Endless Summer

126-foot Lloyd’s Ship

I don’t drink either. I don’t like caffeine. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning, but caffeine just makes me feel worse.

Deckhand Cameron Cresswell

M/Y Katrion

37m Feadship

Herbal tea, no caffeine. I find that tea is like a detox. It flushes the system, you know?

Mate Denzil Baynes

M/Y Primadonna

112-foot Westport

I’m a tea drinker, and I always go for the caffeine. I need just a little kick in the morning; that and a banana.

Bosun Lloyd Aickin

M/Y Arianna

164-foot Delta

Coffee, caffeinated. I don’t need it to get up, but I like it in the morning. I’m from New Zealand. We like coffee.

Chief Stew Katie Hearn

M/Y Arianna

164-foot Delta

Iced tea, sweet tea (caffeinated, of course). I drink it in the afternoon. I drink coffee in the morning like everyone does.

Deckhand Di Callahan

M/Y Amarula Sun

130-foot Westport

Definitely coffee, extra caffeinated. Everybody onboard drinks coffee. We’re espresso monsters.

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