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Triton Today nautical quiz


Testing, testing. A nautical quiz for you and your crew mates. 

Day Four:

How deep is a fathom?

About 6 feet


How far is a nautical mile?
1 60th of 1 degree, or 6,076.1 feet, or basically 6,000 feet.


One degree of latitude equals how many nautical miles?


When you say the yacht traveled at 10 knots, what does that mean? What is a knot?
1 knot is one nautical mile per hour. 6 knots is 1 nautical mile every 10 minutes. 10 knots is 10 nautical miles in one hour. (On inland bodies of fresh water, vessels travel in miles per hour.)





Day Three:


What is backwind?
Wind that changes direction counterclockwise.


What is gimballed?
The word that describes something that stays level onboard even when in motion.


What is the rhyming recipe for rum punch?
The recipe is “one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” The four ingredients are lime, sugar, rum and some type of fruit juice such as apple or orange.






1. What do you do with a monkey’s fist?
It is a knot (which looks like a closed fist) which serves as a weight at the end of a line that is tossed or heaved. It is designed to make a line easier to throw. Often tied around a stone or other object for weight. Can be used in hand-to-hand combat.


2. What is ancraophobia?
Ancraophobia is the abnormal fear of wind, characterized by anxiety at the feel or sound of wind.


3. What is an anemometer?
The name of the instrument usually made of three small cups on a vertical spindle used to gauge wind.






1:Q. Where does the “sex” in “sextant” come from?


2:Q. Where does the phrase mayday come from?


3:Q. What is boxing a compass?

(Courtesy of International Crew Training in Ft. Lauderdale.)




1:A. The arc of a sextant is one-sixth of a circle in curvature. The Latin word “sextans” means the “sixth part”, hence the name “sextant”. Although the arc is a sixth of circle or 60 degrees, a sextant can actually measure angles up to 120 degrees since it is a double reflecting instrument.


2:A The word originates from the French “venez m’aider” meaning “come help me”. Aider is the verb meaning to help. The Anglicised mayday was said to be chosen as the spoken word for distress for its sound clarity over the radio.

3:A.It is the action of speaking the 32 points of the compass in turn from north clockwise.


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(Courtesy of International Crew Training in Ft. Lauderdale.)


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