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Croatia to collect VAT this summer


Beginning this summer, commercial yachts that pick up or start their charter in Croatia will have to pay 13 percent VAT on the total amount of the charter fee, said Luka Peruzovic from LP Yacht Support, a former yacht crew who is now an agent in his home country of Croatia.

Commercial yachts that pick up or start charters outside Croatia will not pay the VAT, but there is “a very, very slim chance that a percentage gets charged to the yacht for the days spent in Croatia,” he said.

EU-flagged yachts can do charters within Croatian ports but must comply with all Croatian laws and paperwork as well as have a VAT number in Croatia. This number can be obtained through a local charter company and  VAT payments would have to be done through that same company.

Private yachts will be able to start and finish their charters within Croatian ports and are not limited anymore with the number of guests to embark and disembark in Croatian waters.

The details on the VAT changes have yet to be finalized, but those were the main points from a meeting he attended in late January with the minister of tourism.

Peruzovic said that Montenegro remains the best place to start charters in the Adriatic as it has no VAT on charters and duty-free fuel for all yachts.

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