FYBA taps Hines top charter broker for 2013

Mar 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

Terry Hines, charter marketing director for IYC, was named Charter Professional of the Year by the Florida Yacht Brokers Association.

“We have appreciated and wanted to recognize Terry’s direct involvement in the constant changes of our industry rules and regulations, sharing the knowledge of 30 years experience and in keeping us all ‘on our toes’ by using fresh, up-to-date marketing tools in order to be the most effective we can,” said Daphne d’Offay, co-chair of FYBA’s Charter Professionals Committee with Jeff Shaffer. “In fact, given Terry’s experience, we actually changed the title of the award from historically being Charter Broker of the Year to Charter Professional of the Year.”

“There is, perhaps, no other charter marketing executive in the global superyacht industry with the breadth of experience and the reputation for completely understanding the intricate needs of the superyacht owner who gets involved with charter,” said Bob Saxon, IYC president. “Terry literally sets the tone for great charter marketing and creates new methods and markets for the success of the worldwide industry.”

Hines is a native of central Pennsylvania and has a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She discovered yachting in the late 1970’s while on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. After working as a stew for 18 months, she came ashore and joined the venerable firm of Whittemore & Williams, the first yacht management/charter marketing company in the U.S. She has also worked with Newport Yacht Services, the original Sacks Group and BSA (Bob Saxon Associates), Camper & Nicholsons, and Fraser Yachts for 10 years before joining IYC in 2008.

Some of her charter yachts include Martha Ann (230 feet), Sycara V (223 feet), Apogee (205 feet) and Carpe Diem (191 feet).