Genset muffler cuts noise

Mar 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

South Florida-based Marine Exhaust Systems recently installed a G-19 water drop generator muffler on the 130-foot M/Y Lady Kath, which Capt. Bill Hipple said significantly reduced genset exhaust noise to 74 dBA.

The G-19 water drop muffler accommodates gensets rated from 30-85 kW; 105 kW units are available on request.

“Marine Exhaust Systems’ water drop generator muffler is far superior to our boat’s original equipment,” Capt. Hipple said in a statement. “The sound level is now extremely pleasant, compared to what had been unbearable equipment that came with the boat. The fact that everything is contained in one unit makes it simple to install.”

Some standard water lift mufflers can be noisy, as both exhaust gas and exhaust water exit above the waterline. The Marine Exhaust Systems water drop version combines a water/gas separator and muffler in one piece. It’s a quieter configuration, where water exhausts below the waterline and gas exhaust above. Marine Exhaust Systems will tailor the position of the muffler’s inlet/outlet locations to meet any application.

Suggested retail prices for the Marine Exhaust Systems G-19 water drop generator muffler start at $2,150. For more information, visit


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