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Test your crew with this nautical quiz

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You know the seas, now test your mates. Send your nautical questions for the Triton Today to

Answers below questions.


What does the following nautical flag signify?














What does the nautical E flag signify? (Echo) “I am altering my course to starboard.”

What does the nautical I flag signify? (India) “I am altering my course to port.”

What does the nautical B flag signify? (Bravo) “I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.” (Originally used by the Royal Navy specifically for military explosives.) 

What does the nautical A flag signify? A (Alfa) “I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.”


What does the nautical C flag signify? C (Charlie) “Affirmative.”

What does the nautical G flag signify? G (Golf) “I require a pilot.” When made by fishing vessels operating in proximity of the fishing grounds it means: “I am hauling nets.


What does the nautical H flag signify? H (Hotel) I have a pilot on board


What does the nautical L flag signify? L (Lima) In harbour: The ship is quarantined; at sea: you should stop your vessel instantly.


What does the nautical J flag signify? J (Juliet) I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board: keep well clear of me.

What does the nautical V flag signify? V (Victor) I require assistance


What does the nautical Z flag signify? Z (Zulu) I require a tug. Also, when made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity in fishing grounds it means, I am shooting nets.


What does the nautical S flag signify?S (Sierra) I am operating astern propulsion.

From Miami International Boat Show 2014

1 – The running lights of a boat tell you what three things about the vessel?


2 – How many compass points are there?


3 – What are the abbreviations for fixed and flashing lights?


4 – A dog watch lasts for how many hours?


5 – A seaman’s name for a reef knot tied upside down is called what? 


6 – What is the origin of ships head?


7- What does it mean to wank?

8- What is the name for the line painted on a ship’s hull just above the waterline to delineate the topside from the bottom paint?


9 – A tide that has two equal daily high waters and two equal daily low waters is known as what?


10. What is the Coriolis effect?

11. True or false: A boat on starboard tack is required to give way to a boat on a port tack.

12.  Which nautical flag signifies “I require medical assistance”?

13.  What is the U (Uniform) flag?


14. What is the X (Xray) flag?


15. What is the Y (Yankee)





1. The direction the vessel is travelling, the size and what the vessel is doing.


2. 32


3. F. and Fl


4. Two 


5. Rogue knot


6. The toilet was placed at the fore of the ship aft the bowsprit and to the side so the spray from the bow wave would wash it clean, the correct expression would be going to the head i.e. Head of the ship not as is today using the head. (Courtesy Capt. Christopher Hezelgrave)


7. Wank is to manipulate the hand bilge pumps on the old sailing ships. Therefore, those who manned the pumps were wankers, (I kid you not). (Courtesy Capt. Christopher Hezelgrave)

8. Boottop


9. Semidurnal tide


10. The force that determines the direction of rotation as a low pressure cell moves away from the equator.


11- False


12. The W, whisky flag

 13. “You are running into danger.”

14. “Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.”


15.  “I am dragging my anchor.”


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