The Triton turns 10 years old in April

Mar 24, 2014 by Guest Writer

The Triton turns 10 years old in April, and we’re celebrating with our Triton Expo on April 2. Join us from 5-8 p.m. for our semi-annual exhibition of some of the most interesting vendors in the industry, all of whom can help yacht captains and crew excel in their jobs and careers.

We’ll also have presentations from our beloved columnists, a resume clinic staffed by captains and placement agents, live music and great food. Plus we’ll have cake to celebrate our birthday.

Make plans to join us, and bring your resume and business cards. You never know who you will meet.

Until then, learn a little more about your favorite yachting newspaper from co-owner and editor Lucy Chabot Reed.


Q. Ten years. Congratulations.

Thanks. It’s been such a great experience. I’ve been a reporter and editor for a long time, and I can honestly say that the past 10 years in yachting have been the most fulfilling of my career. Our readers — and the industry in general, I believe — are an engaged and knowledgeable group. There is no lack of interaction or story ideas, that’s for sure.


Q. Your background is in journalism. How did you get into about yachting?

I grew up here in South Florida and never knew this industry existed. I saw big white boats and, like most people around here,  thought only about the wealthy people who own them. It wasn’t until I met David, a former crew member who is now my husband and is the publisher of The Triton, that I began to understand the professionals who work on yachts.

And to be perfectly honest, the captains and crew I’ve interviewed over the years have taught me most of what I know, our monthly captains lunch being a prime example of my schooling.


Q. Tell us more about those lunches.

Each month, I gather a group of yacht captains for lunch and I spring a topic on them. Then we talk about it for an hour. It takes a lot of courage and trust to speak honestly about your job, your boss, your co-workers and your staff in a way that sheds light on some really important issues. I take that very seriously, and that’s why we keep those captains anonymous in the text of the story. They are identified in a photo so our readers know I didn’t make it all up.


Q. How did The Triton get started?

After I had our daughter, Kenna, I couldn’t arrange a work schedule with my previous employer that allowed me to be home with her, so I quit. I was freelancing and began working with Dockwalk, copy editing and writing some stories. At one point, the then-owner was looking for some investors so we thought about it and talked to a banker friend who said, sort of off the cuff, that we could start our own newspaper for a fraction of what the owner wanted us to invest.

A light bulb went off. All of us — me, David, Kristy Fox and Peg Garvia — looked at each other and said, we can do that. And we did. Each of us has an area of expertise, David and I pulled a second mortgage out on our house, and we put the first issue on the street about six weeks later.


Q. Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

I don’t think so. It was hard and we worked a lot, but we loved it so it wasn’t like work. Anyone in yachting knows how this industry takes over your life. For years, we spent very little time or energy on things outside of yachting. We dragged our daughter to all our events, and even David’s parents — the best in-laws on the planet — played with us, traveling to Monaco to take care of Kenna as we worked the show, and reading every word before we go to press every month (still!). This whole thing has pulled us all together as a family, and it’s been great. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Q. This year’s Expo is at National Marine Suppliers (2800 S.W. Second Ave., 33315). Why there?

I asked Dean Dutoit, owner of NMS, that very question and here’s what he said.

“All of the Triton Expos have proven great opportunities for companies, and it’s an honor for us not only be a part of it but to host it this time. Our location is convenient for everyone and it’s a little way for us to give back to the yachting community.

“Congratulations on 10 years and where the Expo has grown. And kudos to you guys for bringing it to the industry and having businesses exhibit, bringing us all together. The social gathering is amazing. It’s the most productive and fun part of what we do.”


Join us on April 2 at National Marine Suppliers. No RSVP needed. Just bring business cards, a resume if you want it critiqued, and a smile. We’re celebrating.