Triton Survey comments: Captains view of transient crew

Mar 12, 2014 by Guest Writer

Here’s what some captains said when we asked What do you think of transient crew?


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Depends on the individual. If they say they really are only in it for a short time, I try to hire someone else. If they are young and looking for 2-4 years in, then it may be worth the effort.


Anyone with less than a year’s experience isn’t worth any money. I worked for nearly two years before earning any discernible wage and was happy to be on board just for the experience. Back in those days you were expected to pay your dues.


It can be rewarding if you hire the right person; it can be a disaster if you hire the wrong one.


Waste of time for those of us who take this profession seriously. We need to run yachting as a business and not a vacation for spoiled kids who want a free ride


By the time they learn the ins and outs of yachting, they will be … wait a minute … It takes longer than a year to learn the ins and outs of yachting.


There are different roles that suit transient crew. Seasonal additional crew, refit work, etc. In some instances, transient crew are a good fit for a role.


Our environment is dangerous and we have to rely on our crew mates to work together and create a safe working place. You would not allow a backpacker to join a demolitions crew and head out into the field to rig explosives. Nor would these professionals rely on these kids to get near anything that would compromise their safety.


Total waste of everyone’s time. If they want a year off on a yacht they need to buy one.


I have no interest in hiring short term crew, except possibly for a specific task/project.


By the way, when in the United States, even with a foreign flag, I do not hire any foreign crew for dayworking. There are some awesome U.S. crew available who get passed by for all of the discriminatory hype to hire foreigners. I have had some great U.S. crew work for me. So my suggestion to captains is that, when in the U.S., hire U.S. You most likely will not be disappointed.