Floridians get breather from health care rule

Apr 7, 2014 by Guest Writer

The state of Florida has granted a one-year extension on allowing people to buy or renew health insurance plans that are not yet compliant with the new health law, the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare, through 2014.


A map found on www.ahipcoverage.com shows the states that agreed with the Obama Administration’s prior extension. It is expected that these same states are likely to grant the latest federal extension announced by the administration to Oct 1st, 2016.


This means that policies issued out of these states do not have to conform to minimum essential benefit guidelines, said Jill Cappelli, individual sales manager for the U.S. east coast with GeoBlue.


“People buying coverage in these states will not face a tax penalty for having non-ACA-compliant coverage,” she wrote in a recent e-mail. “Insureds will still be able to meet the individual mandate based on their old plan. This is very good news for the crew market.


“Previous to this ruling, people were being actively encouraged (by law) to purchase an ACA plan, built specifically for Americans living in the United States,” she wrote. “These domestic plans offer inadequate benefits for global living. For example, most ACA plans restrict people to emergency-only coverage outside the United States and members don’t have access to contracted providers the world over. These plans don’t include medical evacuation coverage and members are required to pay large hospital bills out of pocket and hope that they are reimbursed at a later date.”


GeoBlue has created a frequently-asked-questions page that might provide additional answers for expatriots and yacht crew: www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/aca_faqs.cfm.


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