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May 27, 2014 by Angela Orecchio

Even if you don’t get a chance to get off the boat much, crew can turn their daily routine into a daily workout. Due to the nature of yachting, it can be easy to stay fit, especially if you focus on strengthening and isolating muscles during different activities.

Bilge Plank, for the core, arms, spine, quads, glutes and abdominals.

When you’re sent to the various crawl spaces on board, use it as an opportunity for full body strengthening. The plank pose is one of the best for all-over toning.

Lay face down on the ground and lift up onto your elbows and toes, keeping your head, back and legs in a perfectly straight line. Make sure to tighten your core and legs so as to not put pressure on the lower back. This pose not only tightens up the body, it lengthens and improves posture in the neck and back.

Vacuum & Dust, cardio for the arms and core.

When vacuuming, flex your abs and tuck your pelvis under. Try not to lean over too much. Instead, use your legs and core to do little squats as you move back and forth. Move at a reasonable speed.

If you have a vacuum canister, add your arms into the mix by holding the canister in one hand while slightly lifting, to avoid putting pressure on your shoulder, and continue vacuum dusting with the other hand. Switch hand periodically.

Yachtie Tip: Make sure to keep the vacuum close to the body so as not to bump any interior wood while you’re vacuuming.

Windows, for arms, legs, glutes and abs.

Does someone have to do windows today? Volunteer because you’re body will love your for it.  Tighten your abs and work in a circular motion, switching arms equally. When reaching for high spaces, stand on your tiptoes and balance, squeezing your glutes. As you bend down for low spaces, squat carefully, keeping a tight stomach and flat back. For a killer tricep workout and squeaky clean windows, use a squeegee moving side to side.

Yachtie Tip: Only use a plastic squeegee for the interior, making sure not to scratch the surrounding wood. Use a sponge dipped in water and vinegar to wash the windows before drying with the squeegee.

Galley Clean, for cardio, arms, legs, glutes and abs.

The Galley Clean is much like the windows workout except you can move faster. This is the best time to get in some cardio as you will be moving quickly around the galley. Turn up the music and start moving.

Anytime you are cleaning and detailing down low, make it a point to squat properly. When cleaning and detailing up high, stand on your toes to strengthen your calves.

Provisioning Lifts, for arms and core.

Don’t let a provisioning train or trip from the car go by without doing a few arm lifts or isolation moves.  Do this with shopping bags and other items that are not easily breakable.

Isolation: Without straining your lower back or neck, hold the grocery bags out at your sides just far enough to feel you triceps work a little. Make sure that the bags are equally weighted to do this.

Bicep Curls: If carrying something in both hands give your biceps a curl as many times as you can.

Stand While You Work, for glutes and legs.

Standing while working can be one of the best ways to save your lower back and tighten your glutes. If you have a choice, move your laptop to a higher position or use books to raise your desk area. If working at a table anywhere, chose to stand, tighten your legs, tuck your tailbone under and squeeze your glutes.

Hourly Walk Around Cabin Squats, for glutes, legs and core.

Doing your hourly checks? Chose one cabin to stop in and do 20 squats. Alternate every hour between the classic squat and leg lunges. During the classic squat, keep your back flat and stick your back side out further than you think you should.

During the lunge, make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toes and that you tuck your glutes in to keep a straight, healthy back.

These are only some of the chances yachties have to incorporate a workout into an everyday routine. Think about how many times you’re lifting during the day or walking up and down stairs. Concentrate on using proper form and isolating muscles with every task you have and watch how your body transforms over time.

Angela Orecchio is a chief stew, certified health coach and personal trainer. Her blog, The Yachtie Glow (www.angelaorecchio.com), offers tips for crew on how to be healthy, fit and happy on board.

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Angela Orecchio is a chief stew and certified health coach. This column was edited from blog, Savvy Stewardess, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Yachting. Contact her through www.savvystewardess.com.

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