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Software helps keep galley costs down


I just read Mary Beth’s article, “A look at food costs” [May issue, page C7]. Being aware of food costs is an ongoing chore on a yacht. However, the cost breakdown and budgeting can be done with the click of a mouse, if you have the right program.


For about $70, I think it was, I bought a program called Cook’n. It does all of this breakdown, and more. It creates menus, creates shopping lists, nutritional values, costs, etc. I’ve been using it on the yacht for years.


I think I had the very first version of Cook’n, and I always keep it updated. I can create menus for guests and when they are returning guests, I know what they like and what we had last time they were here. It’s been an invaluable tool for me.


There is no way I would sit down and start writing out ingredients on paper and tallying tasks in columns. Cook’n does every bit of that for me.


I have no affiliation with the company that sells this software, but I can’t imagine running the galley on the yacht without it. It’s just darn good software and I wanted to share it since it was spot-on to Mary Beth’s article. Find the software here

Chef Angela Lovin, owner

M/Y Sanctuary

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