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Yacht break-in spooks crew


I was just on charter in the Bahamas for two weeks and our yacht was broken into. I thought I would pass along the details.


On April 11, we were on the inside of the face dock at Hurricane Hole Marina. All of our doors were locked but when we got up in the morning, the captain noticed his laptop was gone from the pilot house. He asked all crew if anyone had borrowed it but nobody had.


Thankfully, we have cameras all over the outside of the boat. He went through the video and found footage of a guy climbing over the side of our boat about 4 in the morning and coming on board.


The captain notified the marina and local police, who came by. They saw the footage and said they call the guy “spiderman”. Apparently, he has been robbing boats all over Nassau. The guy is known for picking locks, hitting quick and grabbing electronics that are easy to walk off with such as laptops and cameras. He also took the chefs computer bag (probably thinking it went with the captain’s laptop), some sunglasses and a beach towel out of the basket by the door.


The police said he usually pulls up in a small boat, jumps aboard and picks locks, if needed.


The guy picked the lock to our pilot house door and he was on our boat for about 15 minutes, according to the camera.


We were all pretty bothered by it because we were all downstairs sleeping, and thankfully the guests weren’t showing up until the next day.


I have heard more, similar stories since I told some friends about it. Nassau has a serious problem.


Name withheld on request

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