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AWT launches trip planning for yachts


California-based Applied Weather Technology (AWT), a provider of voyage management software, has launched Bon Voyage System for Yachts, branching for the first time into the yachting sector.

BVS for Yachts is an on-board software system for voyage planning that provides up-to-date weather forecasts and ocean data for yacht captains, owners and charterers.

“AWT is well-established in the maritime shipping industry and we are excited to be releasing a customized version of our Bon Voyage System for Yachts,” said Haydn Jones, CEO of AWT. “We released the original BVS more than a decade ago for the commercial shipping market and we have continued to refine it within that market. We have tailored this version for the interests of yachts, but it has the same trusted core features of the Bon Voyage System used onboard more than 5,000 ships.”

BVS for Yachts includes safety features such as severe motions or resonance alerts, detailed rogue wave forecasts, wind speed, sea height, swell height, and global pirate attack information.

For more information, visit and click on “products and systems.”

In related news, AWT also has partnered with KVH Industries to deliver weather data via the KVH IP-MobileCast WeatherLink service. KVH’s IP-MobileCast content delivery service provides captains access to BVS global, high-resolution data for wind, waves, visibility and currents with tidal streams. The data will be updated up to four times per day.


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