New ‘brew’ traps soot

Jul 8, 2014 by Guest Writer

A captain and engineer have created a system to capture diesel soot before it dirties the hull. Clean-Exhaust is the brainchild of Capt. Carl Sputh and Chief Eng. Andrew Connelly of the 178-foot Benetti M/Y Starfire. They use what they refer to as an ecoBrew, which is pumped into the exhaust system before the spray ring.

The biodegradable ecoBrew then acts as an emulsifier and attaches to the diesel particulate, mixing it into the raw water discharge for the generator. Once discharged, the particulate sinks, leaving no diesel sheen on the surface of the water.

This is not a filter system, but it has received an EPA design for the environment seal. Clean-Exhaust has two patents pending on the distribution system, which includes a dosing pump, and tubing for injecting the chemical into the exhaust, and a reservoir for storing the “brew”.

The system was installed on seven test vessels over a two-year period. Those that adequately monitored the system reported satisfactory results, the company said. Clean-Exhaust is available for sale at $12,500 per generator plus the cost of installation. The ecoBrew sells for $272 for five gallons, which provides about 600-750 hours of run time.

The ecoBrew is proprietary to Clean-Exhaust and manufactured by ProMaka, a Native American-owned company based in Tampa that makes cleaning products for a variety of industries and is recognized by the EPA for safer chemistry for the environment.

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