Crew reviews Below Deck

Sep 30, 2014 by Guest Writer

‘Below Deck’ may be TV, but it’s not reality in yachting

Sorry, but this has turned into another pre-scripted drama zone show rather than a real show about yachting life. No surprise.

Capt. Brad Helton

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Show hurting industry

To those that take this industry serious and have dedicated themselves to making it better, this show and all involved are an insult. It should be called “Below acceptable standards” To all involved, thank you for projecting the image to the general public that our industry is full of incompetent crews.

Maybe if people picked up a book and read instead of a remote control and watched this we would have a society smart enough to realize this is all garbage and not reality. It is depicting a totally false impression of this industry in a negative manner of great proportion.

Capt. Keith Moore

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Paper doesn’t make the mariner

I’m writing in regards to the commentary by John Duffy titled “Exams, paper qualifications.”

After being raised and nurtured to follow in centuries of on-the-water life, I ask Mr. Duffy to please do his research before making a lame attack on us real mariners who have hundreds of years of family teachings to back our given right.

And paperwork, schooling. Really? Have you seen these pups?

Capt. KL Roundtree