Largest superyacht built in Australia to begin construction

Sep 15, 2014 by Guest Writer

A Singapore-based family has formed Echo Yachts, a yacht builder based in Western Australia’s Henderson Marine Precinct, to undertake the building of the family’s yachts, including the largest ever superyacht built in Australia.

The company has brought together top industry players, including Sam Sorgiovanni, a designer who was recently inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame; Mark Stothard is managing director.

“This project has come at a time when Australia is again making an impact on the global stage with our superyacht refit yards busier than they have ever been and builders like Silver and Echo showcasing the benefits of electing to build down under,” said M Edwards, CEO of Superyacht Australia. “Projects such as the new build by Echo ensure Australia skills and expertise continue to develop in this sector. Australia is a maritime nation and as such has always had a reputation for quality, innovation, skills, expertise and most of all a can-do attitude.”

“Superyacht Australia is fielding more and more enquiries about our capability and capacity to look after these yachts,” he said. “A recent event in Tahiti resulted in some significant work coming our way.”

Australia also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand to jointly market the region.

The 277-foot (84m) aluminium vessel being built by Echo is the largest tri-hulled superyacht to be built anywhere. With its three hulls, it will have a 66-foot (20m) beam. Construction will take three years and includes a 152-foot (46m) fiberglass catamaran that will be deployed as a support vessel. The catamaran will carry 12 tenders designed with a range of sporting and exploratory capabilities. A 40-foot (12m) tender will be equipped with full navigation systems and 3D sonars for the exploration of sea beds and sunken wrecks.

About 250 people are expected to be hired by the middle of 2015 for the build.