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Marshall Islands starts unlimited license CoC

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The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry has introduced a new STCW-compliant Master – Unlimited Tonnage, Oceans, Yachts Only license, providing duly qualified and trained yacht captains a full STCW license/Certificate of Competency (CoC).

This CoC will allow certificated captains to command yachts over 3,000 gross tons.

Until now, yacht captains’ careers have been limited to yachts of up to 3,000 gt, forcing some owners moving up in size to hire merchant mariners, many of whom are often new to the industry, to run their larger yachts.

RMI is working with Maritime Professional Training (MPT) in Ft. Lauderdale to develop The Capstone Course, a course designed specifically for qualified yacht masters. This course requires candidates to possess commensurate experience, knowledge, training and proficiency to be demonstrated through the completion of written and bridge simulation-based competency assessments.

For more information, contact Amy Beavers of MPT at or John Hafner of the RMI Registry at

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