Captain, friend import Barz floating sunglasses

Nov 3, 2014 by Lucy Chabot Reed

Two yachties and friends have gone into business together importing floating sunglasses from Australia into the United States.

Capt. Marvin Wilson of the new 147-foot (45m) M/Y Atomic and David Reed, publisher of The Triton, have created Barz USA and made their U.S. debut at the show this week.

Made with air pockets to keep them afloat in fresh and saltwater, the glasses all are polarized and often have bifocals, which can be polarized or not. Some styles also take prescription lenses.

“It’s pretty cool that two friends who have known each other for years can work together and bring something like this to the yachting industry,” Capt. Wilson said.

The owner outfitted Atomic’s crew with the glasses, which were customized with the yacht’s logo. To see more, visit the BarzUSA booth (#1058) just west of the engine tent, or visit


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