Dometic launches line-up

Nov 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

Dometic Marine has kicked off the boating season by launching nine new products, including a thermoelectric cup cooler, a variable capacity chiller, a holding tank vent filter and a monitoring and control system for Dometic equipment on-board.

The cup cooler keeps drinks refrigerator-cold, and can replace most standard cup holders onboard pleasure boats or workboats.

The variable capacity VARC48 chiller adjusts capacity output based on the current load demand. Instead of turning on or off, it speeds up or slows down as needed to produce more or fewer BTUs. Also, there is no in-rush of current when starting, reducing demand on the entire electrical system.

The SeaLand ECO Vent Filter removes odors from a boat sanitation system’s holding tank vent line.

Dometic Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) allows boat owners or operators to monitor all their Dometic systems from one location, such as a car or office, via mobile phone, tablet or computer using a wi-fi, ethernet or an RS485 connection. STIIC can be used to check a system’s status, change settings, turn it on, turn it off, or diagnose a problem.

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