Nav app now for Android, too

Nov 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

Massachusetts-based Navionics’ Nav Module, an advanced route planning solution, is now available on Android in addition to Apple devices.

Nav Module lets users enter routes and analyze details such as ETA and distance to arrival, heading to waypoint and time to waypoint, fuel consumption, and more.

The app allows users to plan trips in advance, as well as sync to other devices. Once under way, trip plans can be edited while receiving real-time route data.

A free trial of Nav Module offered in the current version will demonstrate the practicality of using advanced route planning tools. Users simply tap Menu>Charts&Upgrades to try. Customers who own a Boating region specific app (formerly Marine&Lakes) can purchase Nav Module for a one-time charge after the free trial. Customers with the free Boating App, can try Nav Module then purchase it after installing a Navionics+ package.