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More comments from yacht captains about what it is like managing multiple vessels?

Trying to move all three in a flotilla, at times, was impossible. We had to go on weather that the smallest could handle. Six engines between them and if one broke down, we had to stop. We had one engineer jumping between the three.

Not touching ground. Go, go, go.

I’m lucky to have cooperative owners who let me do the maintenance work to my schedule. All of their little use of the yachts allows little conflict for operation.

The extra vessels take up the “easy” time we’d have if there was just one vessel. I guess that’s why they call it going to work.

I have been managing more than one vessel my entire career, that way if one dries up, income doesn’t stop.

It would be easier to handle if I had more than a couple of hours as to which boat the owner is going to use.

Managing the marketing and boat shows as well as the maintenance of two boats adds more work and responsibility. But the owner and the program were both good ones so we sucked it up and got through it. Sure was glad when the previous boat finally sold though. At the time, the lack of additional pay and acknowledgement of the added workload bothered us. The raise for the new, larger boat should have begun as soon as the new boat was acquired.


We have hands, not magic wands, so it means longer hours and you needed to prioritize.


Have to be available for transiting to and doing boat shows, have the boat ready to show at all times, must be available and not have conflicts with other boats to do sea trials/survey, etc.

Just have to plan and get it done or leave that employment.

If one is for sale, the captain’s duties: Keep vessel pristine for showings. Attend showings to explain systems, etc. Answer follow-up. Demonstrate sea trials. Survey assistance. Work through every recommendation on said survey. Haul out for survey. Possible offshore closing. Delivery and instructional handover to new owner/captain. Yes, in its entirety, it’s more work while a fancy-pants broker explains the rainbows and lollipops of yachting to the new owner. A slice of the deal is well justified but often rewarded by a single beer alone, if you’re lucky.

Any idea what the new MLC regulations say about running more than one vessel at a time?

Each vessel serves a specific purpose, whether it’s sailing fishing Commuting or entertaining, get used to it, there only going to buy more toys.

The boss likes boats, cars, and planes. I’m kind of glad that he’s not into trains. I stay pretty flexible and my crew likes the challenges and variety as well. Having multiple vessels is fun when we travel as well because of the extra thought processes that are involved. The days go by quickly.

One family, with sons who each have boats. During the holidays, it’s nuts with having everything ready and breakdowns that have to be repaired now. I’m glad all boats were left up north this year and I’m boatless.

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