Concave vent filter boosts odor removal

Dec 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

Dometic Marine has redesigned its SeaLand ECO vent filter that removes odors from a boat sanitation system’s holding tank vent line. The new filter design forces more malodorous air to flow through activated charcoal media. It also offers boat owners a one-size-fits-all replacement for existing SeaLand vent filters.

“For boat owners with an onboard black water tank, the SeaLand ECO vent filter uses a specially sized activated charcoal to remove odors from the air that is vented from the tank after each flush,” said Ken Taranto, vice president of aftermarket sales at Dometic Marine.  “The unique concave filter shape prevents air gaps within the filter for the most thorough odor removal by the charcoal filtering media.”

The filter – which represents the first major change to the waste holding tank vent filter in 25 years – has a single, universal cartridge that fits all SeaLand vent filters, regardless of the vent hose size. The end caps loosen from the center cartridge while hose fittings remain secure.

The exterior of the filter cartridge is made of high-density polyethylene, rather than the glued PVC used in earlier generations, and is a recyclable alternative. In addition, the new SeaLand ECO cartridge is made with 55 percent less plastic than the previous version.

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