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Labels don’t fit; beliefs do


I had an interesting conversation the other day with a former advertising client. He’s been criticized quite publicly for his political views and we talked a bit about our national stage.

Then he called me a bleeding heart liberal.

For days now, this has been annoying me because anyone who takes the time to know me knows I consider myself a fiscal conservative. I take heat from my friends about my conservative views and how I typically vote. After all, we live in Broward County, home to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

His name-calling got me thinking about labels and how what I believe fits with the labels we associate with, Democrat and Republican. And I realized for maybe the first time that I don’t fit so neatly under the label I thought I did.

So here it goes.

* I believe that every person, city, county, state and nation should live within its means.

* Stop labeling people. LGBT, black, hispanic and hetrosexual does not matter.

* If you have found someone who loves you and you love them, nurturer the crap out of it.

* Stop taking your issues out on your kids. Show them a clear path to the future. After all, you brought them into this world. Take care of them, and if you don’t know how, ask for help.

* Take personal responsibility. Clean up after yourself. Live every moment of every day being a positive influence on someone or something.

* If it is hard, you are probably doing the wrong thing.

So as of today, I will vote for the candidate that has a clear focus on being fiscally responsible. And if my traditional candidate is not, then a third-party candidate will get my protest vote. No more staying home, and no more voting under party lines.

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