Naiad launches electric stabilizers

Dec 6, 2014 by Guest Writer

Connecticut-based Naiad Dynamics, a manufacturer of ship motion control technologies, has introduced the first products in a new line of electric-powered stabilizer systems for use on ships operating both AtSpeed and AtRest.

“These new stabilizers are a modern refinement of electric-powered stabilizers Naiad first developed for naval applications in 2008,” said John Venables, CEO of Naiad Dynamics. “We are now introducing these systems to the recreational and commercial marine markets … to provide a choice for designers and builders who may prefer not to use hydraulics.”

The initial model E-525 is available with a 7.5 or 11 kW AC servo motor drive, and is designed for fin sizes ranging from 1.0 to more than 3.5 square meters for vessels typically 35-50m in length. The company will roll out additional electric-powered systems through 2015 and 2016.

The electric stabilizer eliminates the hydraulic system, reducing the number of installed components and the system’s overall complexity and weight. Its electric servo motor-actuator design generates the same amount of force as two hydraulic cylinders used in an equivalent hydraulic stabilizer model, the company said in a news release.

A key safety feature of Naiad’s electric fin stabilizer design is the ability to center the fins manually and lock in place when the stabilizer is not being operated.

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