Yacht engineer dies

Jan 27, 2015 by Lucy Chabot Reed

The second engineer on a 180-foot (55m) charter yacht in St. Maarten died in his sleep Sunday of a suspected heart attack. He was in his mid-30s.

Second Eng. Marin Bosotina was on watch Saturday, so no one bothered him Sunday morning, his captain said. The chief engineer went to check on him Sunday evening and found him unresponsive.

“The crew is in great shock,” said the captain, who asked that neither he nor the yacht be named. “It’s a tight crew, very friendly. It’s something you don’t expect.”

Mr. Bosotina was from Croatia and joined the yacht in July from the commercial sector.

“You have to console everyone and tell them no one is responsible,” the captain said. “No one is to blame.”

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