Cargo ship aground off Galapagos

Feb 9, 2015 by Guest Writer

Ecuador officials declared a state of emergency for the Galapagos Marine Reserve and Galapagos National Park last week (Feb. 4) after the cargo ship MV Floreana ran aground off the coast of San Cristobal on Jan. 28.

The Ecuador-flagged ship was transporting food, fuel and other products, most of which have been removed. Only the diesel fuel remained when the emergency was announced. The reserve and park are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The state of emergency will apply for 180 days and includes the park, reserve and the archipelago.

In a process expected to take much of the month of February, the ship is being refloated and will be towed out to sea and sunk, according to news reports. Its hull was destroyed when it ran aground.

The MV Floreana is the third ship to run aground in the Galápagos in the past 12 months, the Galápagos Conservancy reported.