E3 combines sat, land systems

Jul 28, 2015 by Guest Writer

Fort Lauderdale-based e3 Systems, a multi-broadband communications providers for the megayacht industry, has launched Hybrid, which provides yachts with 100 percent connectivity, combining satellite, 3G, 4G and terrestrial broadband services, in port, offshore or mid-ocean.

“Our clients all want 100 percent connectivity,” said Roger Horner, group managing director for e3 Systems. “Over the past 20 years we have got closer, step by step, as new services have matured. After initially developing it for Europe, we are now pleased to launch Hybrid in the USA.”

The system functions similar to a smart phone in that it can automatically switch between different connections as the yacht moves. This means that the yacht will gravitate to the strongest connection as it moves, he said.

“As with the hybrid car, the strength of our integrated connection hybrid lies in the perfect synchronization of satellite and land-based services, which makes itself apparent in maximum bandwidth performance and cost efficiency,” Horner said in a statement.

The e3 HYBRID solution is achieved by supplementing slower, expensive connectivity with faster, more cost effective connectivity, across the network platform. Once e3 Systems has received a detailed brief of where the yacht is traveling to, the service required and for how long, a customized program is created.

E3 Systems’ experience shows that yachts over 80 feet (24m) spend 87 percent of the time inshore. The Hybrid therefore combines a base satellite service with a 3G and 4G aggregated service to provide 100 percent connectivity with the maximum bandwidth possible at the lowest cost where the yacht spends most of its time.

For more information, call +1 954-368-9980.


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