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Underwater volcano grumbles

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The underwater Caribbean volcano Kick ‘em Jenny recorded some seismic activity in late July, but did not erupt. The Seismic Research Center (SRC) of the University of the West Indies issued an Orange Alert on July 23, meaning there was a “highly elevated level of seismic and/or fumarolic activity or other unusual activity. Eruption may begin with less than 24 hours notice.”

Signs of earthquakes began on July 11 and continued through the alert notice.

The volcano is 5 miles (8km) north of Grenada, about 5 miles (8km) west of Ronde Island in the Grenadines. Its summit is about 600 feet (200m) below the surface of the ocean.

The threat was of a tsunami hitting neighboring islands. With a significant eruption, waves would reach Grenada within minutes. St. Vincent within 10 minutes, Martinique and Tobago within about 30 minutes, and Barbados within about 40 minutes.

But the volcano never erupted. On Aug. 3, the SRC released the alert after six days of no further seismic activity.


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