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Yacht crew miss Uber in South Florida’s Broward County


I’m sure many crew have heard of the loss of Uber in South Florida’s Broward County. The ride-sharing company has been great for myself and our crew, and I find that we all really appreciate both the quality of service and the competitive pricing . Unfortunately, elected officials in Broward don’t agree and have chosen to selectively interpret current laws regarding taxi businesses in such a way that it prevents Uber’s business model from operating here.

I have written to the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale and County Commissioners to express my regret at the loss of this great service. I’m hoping that, with the help of The Triton, we can rally other crews to lobby for change that will bring Uber back to Fort Lauderdale. Collectively we can represent a strong voice. Let’s lend our support for this innovative and valuable new company.

Capt. Dave Johnson

Editor’s Note: The Broward County Board of County Commissioners are meeting tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 11, at 2 p.m. to discuss potential changes to the county’s existing laws that would enable Uber to continue operating in the county. The meeting will be held in the county governmental center, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 430, Ft. Lauderdale (33301).

If you can’t make the meeting and want your thoughts heard, e-mail County Mayor Tim Ryan at


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One thought on “Yacht crew miss Uber in South Florida’s Broward County

  1. Guest Writer

    <>Editor’s note: A South Florida yacht owner shared a copy of this letter, which he sent to Broward County Mayor Tim Ryan:<>
    Unless you have personally experienced the “service” of the local cab companies (certainly generous donors I am sure), you cannot fully appreciate the true value of Uber and the damage you will cause by banning them in Broward.
    I have used Uber to reach various doctor’s appointments this year. Uber shows up in minutes, when they say they will, and whisks me to my destination. Forget that they are half the price of Yellow Cab, but the fact that they respond and show up is their true value.
    However, where Uber is most valuable is in the lives it saves. Yes, Uber is a life-saving service.
    As just one example of the post-Uber apocalypse you have caused, last week, in the middle of a weekday, I called Yellow Cab to get a ride to the doctor’s office. “You are No. 17 in line. Please hold,” said the recording. After holding for almost 10 minutes, I was told a cab would arrive, which it did, 20 minutes after the promised time.
    But minor inconveniences aside, you have to know that the increase in drunk drivers on the road due to a county without Uber is life threatening. Tonight, try getting a cab at about midnight because you have had one too many cocktails to drive. When the 22-call queue on hold frustrates you, what will you do? Yes, you will rationalize that four drinks is not too many and go ahead and drive. Illegally.
    Certainly, the county will gain revenues from the $10,000 adventure that is a DUI, but how many lives are being lost or endangered due to the lack of Uber? We have no public transportation system to take its place. Yellow cabs and their brethren are a joke (ask anyone who uses them) and walking is not an option for most people in our large county.
    I have used taxis now five times since Uber left Broward on July 31, and it is noticeably worse than before as they are busier and now very cocky.
    Certainly, Uber should conform to rational rules and regulations, but your goal should be to make it as easy for Uber to operate in Broward as humanly possible. This is a civic safety duty. Every life lost to a DUI in the future without UBER in Broward will weigh on your conscience for decades to come. Don’t subject yourself to that risk, nor others’ lives. Please fix it.
    A South Florida yacht owner
    Name withheld upon request

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