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Triton Survey: Comments from respondents on the summer of 2015


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When we asked for our respondents’ thoughts about the summer of 2015, they did not disappoint.

  • Split between two boats, I enjoyed cruising the first few months with a very organized boss and thereafter working aboard a circus. The circus was due to the boss not knowing what he wanted as well as the crew not liking change. It was an interesting summer indeed.
  • Certainly busy in the charter market.
  • It was extremely busy traveling the Baltic Sea up the fjords of Norway to St. Petersburg, Russia. I was busy, but at least it was interesting and off the beaten path.
  • Incredibly busy.
  • It was pretty busy. Not as crazy as usual in Sag Harbor though.
  • Busy Bahamas summer. Seems to be the norm now for us, regardless if it’s a different boat.
  • Wouldn’t have been so bad if virtually every system on the boat hadn’t failed or had a problem. But, that’s yachting.
  • Quiet this year.
  • Rather quiet summer, except for a couple of months in the windward islands. Short deliveries, some day work.
  • Very quiet. Many times, we were one of a few or by ourselves in marinas. (A captain who cruised the Caribbean.)
  • The normal of amount work, but I am amazed every year that we are asked to work so hard.
  • We had a very long season. Time for some rest.
  • I suggest crew to live. Realize how good we all have it. The ocean doesn’t care if you’re tired. Working in it, on it or near it is not for wimpy people who would be better off in an office cubicle. It’s better to embrace living, not dying.
  • Very busy.
  • Maine is always quiet and peaceful. And 55 degrees F in the morning was amazing.
  • Summer was as busy as ever. There are a lot more day charter vessels cruising Biscayne Bay than in previous years.
  • New owners wanted to be on the boat full time.
  • Our busiest summer in the past seven years. (A captain who cruised the Northeast.)
  • Greece was quiet due to crisis there, but people were fabulous and anchorages beautiful.
  • Boat traffic was busy where I was located. (A captain in New England.)

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