Dometic launches double-pass watermaker

Oct 8, 2015 by Guest Writer

Pompano Beach-based Dometic Marine has introduced its new XTC-ZTC Double-Pass Watermaker at IBEX in mid-September.

The XTC-ZTC is the first fully automatic, integrated double-pass reverse-osmosis system that can purify every source of yacht water, including seawater, brackish water, lake water, river water, or dockside water. It also has mechanical override for full redundancy and can be operated and monitored remotely.

The XTC side of the system – the first pass – makes potable fresh water from seawater and feeds it to the ZTC system, the second pass, which further purifies it by removing 95-99 percent of impurities, including hard-water minerals, heavy metals, particles, viruses, cysts, bacteria, and radioactive contaminants.

Dockside, the ZTC system can purify shoreside water before bringing it onboard.

“XTC-ZTC water is the purest you could possibly drink,” said Ned Trigg, cenior VP of Global System Sales at Dometic Marine. “There’s no need to bring bottled water onboard, so owners can eliminate that expense and the plastic waste it generates.”

The company also announced that its STIIC – the mobile-enabled Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control – now connects six on-board Dometic systems, including water purification, Eskimo ice machines, premium chillers, the VARC48 variable capacity chiller, refrigeration and climate control  equipment.

First unveiled in 2014, STIIC software allows boat owners – or their captains or technicians – to monitor all of a vessel’s Dometic systems from one location, such as a car, office or beach house, via mobile phone, tablet or computer. STIIC can be used to check a system’s status, change settings, turn it on, turn it off, or diagnose a problem.

In the coming months, STIIC will be extended to support Dometic Ship-wide Ventilation Equipment – such as smoke and fire dampers, axial fans and blowers, and mist eliminators – as well as Sanitation Tank Management products and Fresh Air Makeup Units.

The STIIC system also allows a technician to perform remote diagnostics and talk the boat operator through a troubleshooting process.