McMurdo MOB devices available in Canada

Oct 14, 2015 by Guest Writer

Maryland-based McMurdo, manufacturer of emergency readiness equipment, was awarded Type Acceptance approval for the company’s Smartfind S10 and Smartfind S20 AIS Man Overboard (MOB) devices by Transport Canada, which allows these devices to be imported and sold in Canada.

Waterproof to 60 meters, the Smartfind S10 is designed to be carried by divers, boat crews, or anyone who spends time on the water. When manually activated, it transmits both AIS and GPS data to the individual’s vessel, and to other AIS-equipped vessels within a four-mile radius.

The Smartfind S20 is worn on a lifejacket and activated by sliding off the safety tab and lifting an arming cap to deploy the antenna. The unit sends alert messages, GPS position and a special identity code to AIS receivers within a four-mile radius of any MOB. A GPS receiver updates every 60 seconds.

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