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Triton Survey comments on yacht noise onboard


Here are some tips that captains and crew offered for dealing with noise onboard:

  • Walk softly, keep voice down, open and close doors gently.
  • Close doors by turning the handle so the latch does not make harsh noises.
  • Crew members must be careful and conscientious toward other crew in communal spaces.
  • Everyone needs to respect each other and their spaces.
  • Set rules for noise control.
  • Educate all crew members to your vessel’s unique acoustical character. It’s easier to work with your boat than to rebuild it.
  • Put rules in place to limit crew activity during charter.
  • Regular crew meetings and adopting systems to minimise the crew noise.
  • Noise and vibrations have causes. Eliminate them in the build process.
  • Get off the boat as much as you can to stay sane.
  • Sit, stand and visit the guest areas, and look, listen and feel that noise from their perspective to really understand what it sounds like.
  • Use earplugs to sleep. My stateroom is right under a set of exterior teak steps. Had the designer flipped the room around, it would be much better.
  • Normal noises usually become white noise and ignored, but one should always be alert for a different sound or noise they aren’t accustomed to and investigate immediately. It could mean the difference between stopping something before it starts or dealing with the aftermath of something ignored.

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