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Customs and Border Protection yacht captains letter template


Capt. Bill Hipple of the 130-foot M/Y Lady Kath shared this sanitized version of his crew letter. Captains may use it as a template for a personalized letter for crew joining the yacht. Capt. Hipple reports that it has always worked in getting his foreign crew admitted through Customs and Border Protection. It is advised that it be printed on yacht letterhead and affixed with the yacht’s seal. — Triton Editor
United States Customs and Border Protection
RE: Entry of Mr./Ms. xxxxxxxxxx
DOB: xxxxxxxxxxx
(Country) Passport # xxxxxxxxxx
November 3, 2015 (use day of entry)

Dear Sir or Madame,

This letter is to certify that Mr./Ms. xxxxxxxxx is a contracted temporary employee on board the foreign-flag yacht xxxxxxxx, which is registered in the xxxxxxx. Mr./Ms. xxxxxx is a xxxxxx citizen, whose permanent residence is xxxxxxxx. Mr./Ms. xxxxxx is employed as a deckhand and will be joining the yacht in Palm Beach, Florida, where it is currently located. Mr./Ms. xxxxx has signed on for a 6-month contract to cover our winter/spring cruising season along the east coast of the United States.

This letter will guarantee that Mr./Ms. xxxxx is a contracted crewmember who will be working and living aboard the yacht xxxxx for the duration of his/her 6-month contract, and further guarantee his/her compliance with the INS U.S. Foreign Affairs Manual volume 9 regarding “Yacht Crewman”.  

Upon completion of his/her contract, Mr./Ms. xxxxx will be flown back to his/her passport country at the expense of the yacht owner.

We respectfully ask that Mr./Ms. xxxxx be entered under his/her B1 visa #xxxxx in accordance with U.S. FAM-41.31 notes N6.5 Yacht Crewman, and 41.41 notes N5 Yachts Cruising in U.S. waters for more than 29 days.

We respectfully request that Mr./Ms. xxxxxx be granted a 6-month stay to accommodate the yacht’s travel schedule.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thank you for your assistance,

Captain xxxxxxxxxxx
Master M/Y xxxxxxx SHIP’S SEAL
Boat: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

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2 thoughts on “Customs and Border Protection yacht captains letter template

  1. Grant

    Hi Capt Hibble,

    Thanks for your example the letter

    I have done some research myself and in the V9 FAM-41.31 i dont believe there is actually a “notes N6.5″ are you referring to Notes N9.5 Yacht Crewmen?

    Also when I look up”V9 FAM 41.41 N5” it is “dependants of Crewman is classifiable B-2”

    Hoping you may be able to shed some light on this?
    We definitely dont want to be quoting the wrong article numbers to CBP

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