A little effort yields huge rewards

Feb 23, 2016 by David Reed

As we wrap up our 12th year of publishing The Triton and hosting networking events, we’ve learned a few things about communicating and how yachties do business.

Like most professionals, yacht captains and crew don’t just buy goods and services; they do business with people they know, and especially with people they like. Think about it; whether crew are looking for work or buying new generators, they light up when they interact with a familiar face. Likewise, the quickest way to step out of favor with a yachtie is to treat them like everyone else. Yachties are used to special treatment — the kind of treatment we all give our friends.

So in 2016, we challenge all the captains, crew and business people who interact with us at Triton networking events to give people reason to smile. Make new friends at our events. It doesn’t mean you invite them home for dinner, but it does mean you hold off shoving a business card in their hand and take a moment to remember their name and where they are from, so that the next time you see them, you can use their name and ask about home.

Triton Conversation Card

Triton Conversation Card

We host Triton networking events on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. Pencil it it, and the next time you attend, watch for Triton Conversation Cards, small cards with big potential to connect you to someone new, and a chance to build a new relationship.