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Billionaire offers reef restoration help


U.S. billionaire Paul G. Allen has extended an olive branch of sorts to the Cayman Islands government as his firm says the Microsoft co-founder has offered a remediation plan to repair the reef damaged by his mega yacht Tatoosh last month. On Feb. 9 Allen’s firm Vulcan Inc. released a statement about the incident that occurred on Jan. 14 stating that his company took steps to develop a remediation plan to restore the reef. The statement said that Allen and Vulcan retained experts in coral restoration to assess the situation and provide assistance to the government, and last week proposed a remediation plan to the Department of Environment. “Mr Allen and Vulcan asked the Department to consider the plan on an expedited basis and have continued to offer the services of the experts to consult and work with the Department,” the statement added.

The statement stressed that both Mr Allen and his firm believe the most important action now “is a rapid review of the remediation plan by local officials and the restoration of the reef.” Nearly 14,000 square foot stretch of prime diving real estate was damaged by the anchor and chain of Mr Allen’s UN $160m mega-yacht Tatoosh when it passed through and anchored in the West Bay replenishment zone.

According to Cayman 27 reports preliminary findings from the DOE indicated that 80 per cent of the coral in the area were the mega yacht was anchored has been destroyed.

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