Triton Survey comments: Yacht captains, crew advice for charters

Mar 25, 2016 by To the Triton

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Yacht captains and crew offered this advice for those who book and take charters

  • Speak directly to the captain of the boat frequently before arrival. For the term of their charter, it is their boat for their use.
  • As long as guests come to my boat with the intention of enjoying themselves, we can take care of them.
  • Charter decisions are made in the depth of winter around a coffee table with brochures. The potential guest develops a fantasy of what the charter will be. It’s up to the captain to figure out what that fantasy is and try to give it to them. Crew should never say ‘no’ to a charter guest. Instead say “I’ll ask the captain.
  • Chartering offers the most amazing custom-tailored holiday available. Everything is possible.
  • Look for a boat that does skattered charters. The crew is full of energy and happy to have guests. The full on, week-after-week charter boats are often more production boat style.
  • Always go for the busy charter boat. The boats that do it just once in awhile will be rusty. They are not polished and used to it. You need a good busy crew who have developed all the tricks of the trade to really pull off a great vacation.
  • Don’t watch “Below Deck.”
  • Take the time to fill out the preference sheet and be honest. Let the captain know your preferences directly. Brokers tend to hold back info or misinterpret. Communication is key.
  • Guests need to understand there is a limit to how many hours there are in a day. With the number of crew we have, we cannot compete with a five-star hotel, as a lot of brokers say. Brokers like to sell a dream. If they knew what was possible in some of these locations, we could better manage expectations and it would work better for all.
  • Late night drinking parties, should not be booked. They are dangerous for the passengers and crew. Remember, getting on and off a boat is mostly dangerous.