Try Mel’s Boot Camp: Enjoy view with a sundeck workout

May 23, 2016 by Melissa McMahon

My favorite spot on a yacht is the sundeck. It has the sweetest views, and when no guests are onboard, it is my gym area. I’ll bring dumbbells, yoga mats, kettlebells, restriction bands, boxing equipment, jump ropes, great music, and some crew members to join in on “Mel’s Boot Camp.” Staying healthy and exercising is important, we all know that, but some of us let it slide too much. Yes, we are yachties and we go out a lot and have fun. We are on our feet all day long and barely have the willpower to keep going, but push yourself a few days a week to get out there and exercise. Build those muscles to be able to help carry those heavy water cases down to the crew mess, grow your butt muscles to handle going from laundry all the way up to bridge deck on those flights of stairs, and increase your cardiovascular strength to go on those fun adventures and do the cool stuff we strive to do when we get time off. I’m here to help motivate you! So, what does Mel’s Boot Camp involve? A lot of squats, lunges, jump roping, running, planking, and boxing. Start off with stretching first so you don’t injure yourself and then have to take time off. Following that, go for at least a mile run around the marina where you are located. To make the run more fun, go with crew members and race back to the boat. Add 25 squats to the end, if you can do more, do more! Head up to the sundeck if you are allowed to workout up there. Next, do 100 jump ropes. You want your heart rate up. I like to do cardio first, then lift weights after, and then end with more cardio. My favorite squats are sumo squats. Stand further than you normally would for a regular squat and then point your feet outwards. Do three sets of 15. Add a weight to make it harder. For an arm workout, do bench press on a yoga mat. You can do either one arm at a time or both. If you aren’t time stricken do both. Again, three sets of 15. [caption id="attachment_25399" align="alignright" width="150"]Ship Shape by Melissa McMahon Ship Shape by Melissa McMahon[/caption] You can switch back and forth with squats and bench presses, just make sure you do the three sets of each. Planking is the best way to work a bunch of muscles at once. It is the greatest ab workout in my opinion, and it doesn’t harm your lower back. If you are brand new to planks, start small. Do 30 seconds the first time, and work your way up to a longer time. I try and get everyone to do at least a minute and a half. I’m striving for 5 minutes but my record is only 3 minutes and 30 seconds! Walk lunges with weights in both hands on your sides is great to build those butt muscles. It is a major quad workout as well. Your legs will burn! End with boxing. Grab a crew member, some mitts, and some pumping music. If you have stress, it is also a great way to relieve it. Boxing is great for cardio, and works your abs, arms and legs. You want to make your workouts fun, and productive. It makes it so much better if you have a workout buddy and you motivate each other. Get your gym clothes on, go for a run, and head up to the sundeck. There are a million different types of exercises we can do within our limits on yachts. Stay tuned for more, make sure you have awesome gym clothes, and go burn those calories! Melissa McMahon of Long Island, New York is a stew onboard a 230-foot motor-yacht, who loves to workout as she travels the world at sea. Topics: