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Moth could delay vessels traveling from Ecuador to Chile


The Chilean Agriculture Service is warning of inspections for all international vessels arriving direct from Ecuador following latest detections in Chilean ports of the brown moth, Thyrinteina arnobia (Lagarta Eucalyptus).

Following the advice, ISS Chile is warning of potential delays for vessels arriving in Chile from Ecuador.

The Chilean Agriculture Service has advised it will be carrying out the following inspections:

1.    Conduct a specific daylight inspection during the inward clearance of all ships that have called at Ecuador. The inspection will be done if the vessel has come from abroad or another Chilean port.

2.    If there is a positive detection of the pest, vessel clearance will be rejected and Effective Resolution 1984/2000 will be executed (the vessel will not be allowed to operate at port until fumigation and new inspection are completed).

3.    Following phytosanitary treatment, a further inspection will take place to check for total removal of eggs from the vessel deck. Should no live pest eggs be found, Free Pratique will be granted (authorisation from port authorities to enter and perform all operations inside the port of call), as long as the cargo offloading is flagged to the respective Customs Checkpoints Unit beforehand for daylight audit.

Brown moth: Thyrinteina arnobia

Brown moth: Thyrinteina arnobia

4.    An agriculture (SAG) inspector will check cargo condition on the vessel’s quay during daylight hours. Should presence of the pests be found during cargo offloading, appropriate measures will be taken and a treatment order will be issued at least for the inspected cargo, according to Effective Resolution 1984/2000. If pests are found during cargo offloading, operations will be stopped, fumigation will be require and a new inspection will be needed before authorization to continue commercial operations.

ISS Chile is working with its clients to minimize possible delays and will keep them updated.

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