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Motivate to work out and add the tools you’ll need to get fit


With the temptation to party hard, eat an abundance of rich foods and free junk food on board the consequences of not having a fitness routine are too great.

Not only will you gain weight (ever heard of stew spread?), it could affect your mood, your health and your energy levels as well.

Keeping up with a fitness routine boosts your metabolism, helps you stay fit and makes you feel great both physically and mentally. Even if you only have 20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week, you will still see improvement.


Top tips to succeed

Here are some of my favorite exercise equipment that are inexpensive and easily stored on board:

Yoga Mat: This is good to use in your cabin or out on deck for stretching, yoga and anything where you need padding. Find a travel mat that folds fairly small.

Weights:  Light hand weights are great for toning and muscle building.  I like to keep 5 and 10 pound weights on hand.

Resistance bands:  If weights are too bulky or not practical for on board use, resistance bands are a great alternative.

Kettle Ball:  If you can keep a kettle ball onboard, they are so much fun and extremely effective for toning.

Workout DVDs: Are small enough to fit just about anywhere in your cabin.

Other items to store onboard to stay healthy and fit:

Refillable water bottle: If the boat water is not good enough to drink an alternative to wasteful plastic bottles is getting a water filter.  Fill up jugs and put them in the fridge.  Add cucumber, lemon, mint or other fruit if desired.

Healthy snacks: A large tupperware container in your cabin to store healthy snacks that you have personally bought.  This could include healthy bars (Larabars are my favorite), nuts, kale chips, almond butter, rice cakes etc.

Supplements: Supplements such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C and B12.

Massagers: Small foam roller or a tennis ball for sore muscles.

Great resources for workouts

  •  Pinterest. Create your own board, decide on an area on your body to target and find a matching workout.  You can also follow the Savvy Stewardess Fitness Inspiration Page where there are tons of workouts already posted.
  •  Fitness websites such as Tone it up, Blogilates, Insanity etc. Join a program such as the Tone it Up Bikini series.
  •  Youtube.  Search your favorite workouts and save them to a playlist. Convert them to an MP3 (by googling, “convert video to mp3) and save them on your computer for later use when there isn’t any internet.


Staying motivated

The morning is the best time to work out if possible. After you sleep you are fully rested which will help you move more efficiently. Also, after your workout you’ll burn calories all day as you’ve then boosted your metabolism. If you can’t workout in the morning, no sweat, do what you can when you can. The important thing is that you did something.

Journal what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve felt along the way. This could be written and with photos.

Lay out your clothes the night before. Have everything ready to go so you can get dressed with your eyes closed if you need to.

Put everything in your bathroom cupboard if possible.  Not only will this make it easier for you but it will make your cabin mate very happy that you have one trip to the head before leaving the cabin.

Get your cabin mate to workout with you. If you both have to get up in the morning, you’ll hold each other accountable and it will be much more fun.

Keep your workouts fun and interesting. Your body will respond better if you change things up and you’ll be more likely to stick to it if it’s fun.

Eat healthy, drink a couple of liters of water and get 8-10 hours a sleep.


Angela Orecchio is a chief stew and certified health coach.This column is from her blog, Savvy Stewardess, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Yachting. Contact her at


About Angela Orecchio

Angela Orecchio is a chief stew and certified health coach. This column was edited from blog, Savvy Stewardess, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Yachting. Contact her through

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