Hermine whips through Florida, Georgia

Aug 27, 2016 by Dorie Cox

Weather system Hermine, which hit Florida’s panhandle as a hurricane and passed through Georgia as a tropical storm, hit parts of the Bahamas, Caribbean and U.S. East Coast with high winds and lots of rain from late August to early September.

Thunderbolt Marine in Savannah, Ga., closed for a day after Hermine passed by and knocked out power.

“Thankfully, we had no damage at the yard even though we had strong winds come through,” said Judy Salzman, project administrator at Thunderbolt. “Our guys did a great job of making sure the yard and yachts were secure. The power was out for about a day in Thunderbolt, even less in surrounding areas.”

The road to Tybee Island made the front page of the New York Times on Saturday.

“It’s prone to serious flooding as are many coastal and barrier island highways,” Salzman said. “Nearby Skidaway Island was hit by a tornado, and 11 houses sustained serious damage. For the most part, we were very lucky.”

From Thunderbolt north to Virginia, more than a quarter million people lost power because of the storm.


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