Honda debuts new 4-stroke engines

Oct 13, 2016 by Guest Writer

Georgia-based Honda Marine has debuted its new BF4 and BF6 4-stroke outboard engines, and redesigned its BF5. They are billed as easy to start, thanks to a new decompression mechanism, and easy to stop with a new one-push stop switch.

The 127cc, single cylinder engine has an internal 1.5-liter fuel tank that delivers more than 40 minutes at open throttle. They can be connected to an external fuel tank for longer journeys.

A new, low oil alert system will automatically limit the engine speed to 2,300 rpm, helping to protect the engine.

Prices for the 4hp, 5hp and 6hp engines start at $1,875, $2,025 and $2,150, respectively. For more information, visit