Triton Today nautical quiz and puzzles

Nov 2, 2016 by Triton Staff

Test your mates

Just how nautical are your crew mates? Find out with this little nautical trivia quiz (scroll down a bit to find answers):

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1 – “To dress a ship” means: to hoist her flags; to hoist her sails; to remover her bonnet; to inspect her crew.

2 – What masthead light pattern does a dredge show?

3 – In earlier times, what did the phrase “all standing” mean? A ship was fully equipped and ready for sea; a ceremony on deck; no liberty while in port.

4 – “To drown the miller” means: lower the anchor; add water to your rum ration, use the head, drink too much?

5 – A seaman’s name for a reef knot tied upside down is called what? Square knot; slip knot; rogue knot.

6 – True or false: A boat on starboard tack is required to give way to a boat on a port tack.

7 – The Papa flag means which: I am stopped, Keep clear, I am dragging anchor, I am about to sail?

8 – A tug boat with a tow astern will show how many mast lights?






1 – Answer: To hoist her flags.

2 – Answer: Two red lights, one above the other.

3- A ship was fully equipped and ready for sea.

4 – Add water to your rum ration.

5 – Rogue knot

6 – False

7 – I am about to sail

8- Three white, each above the other.